Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As discussed rather a lot, eating out has been one of my biggest inspirations yet also irritations during vegan march. It has meant that I have tried loads of things I can now do better at home but has meant that I've spent a fricking fortune in doing so. Going vegan basically means you can only ever eat out with other vegans, vegetarians or worst of all, your carnivorous friends who will piss you off eternally with their smug martrydom after forgoing meat for a meal. No fair. It would be nice to only have vegan friends so that you could safely plough into every place on a table however, for me at least, it's just not going to happen. It would also be rather nice to find myself a vegan love interest, yet I'm not pinning my hopes on it and I'm not vegansexual just yet... Vegansexual you ponder? Read all about it here, here and here.

During vegan march I sampled many food establishments, mainly during the day. The following are my top picks;

Where? Soho, London
Why? Great, great food, despite being a buffet/ canteen style affair. It's fast, it's pretty well priced and it's right in the middle of Soho. Right in the middle of overpriced but wonderful fabric land, record shops, my old workplace Agent Provocateur and sex alley. They've got seats outside so you can sit and watch the cracked up world go by, listening to the chorus of fruit & veg men while the media lunching fly past looking hot and important. Once you've finished you can pop next door to the Endurance for a pint potentially served by a hot bearded friend of mine.

Where? Kensington Gardens, Brighton
Why? Again, just go there and see. The staff are lovely, the menu is extensive, well priced, healthy and the place is right in the middle of the good part of town. You might be best to avoid it on a Saturday as squeezing your way down that street could induce rage from the most balanced of Brighton, but you could always shoot in from the Gloucester Road end.

Where? Hackney, London
Why? Vegans still need to go to the pub and seek answers in pint glasses. The Kenton means you can do this via a variety of glasses... Aspall... Becks Vier... Stella (if you really must).. or even down through the rim of a Peroni bottle. The legal list goes on. It also means you can hunt for the mystical truth in the crumbs left at the bottom of your legal Tyrells crisp packet. There aren't any vegan pies (come on pieminister, do the decent thing..) and I've made that mash, so know very well that it sure aint vegan, which mean it's strictly drinks and crisps mid week BUT you can get a vegan roast on a sunday...

Where? Tufnell Park, London
Why? After playing a gig there with Lone Taxidermist last Saturday we stayed on and had a bloody good night. You know that you're not in East London here because everyone looks happy and some of them looked a long way from cool... but still weren't cool... and didn't mind... and still didn't look cool because they didn't care about being cool... oh god... I've been in the game for too long... I can't escape it. This bar was fucking awesome and although I didn't actually eat there, I had an extensive chat with the chef about what he could muster for a vegan diner. He seemed like he would relish the challenge and explained vegan plans he had up his sleeve. In order to make sure they get a place on a permanent printed menu, round up all your vegans and go. I'll meet you there for pints, rock and vegan love.

Ones I've heard about but havent tried yet...

Covent Garden, London

Archway, London

High Street Kensington, London

Soho, London