Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Although we might all like to pretend we only shop at farmers markets and never ever go near a Tesco's, we know it's a lie. Since turning vegan it's become abundantly clear that some shops are great and possibly even like their customers for reasons beyond MONEY, while some don't. The list that follows are the shops that now make my eyes light up and my heart leap, for they mean that... I.... can....eat. Hurrah!

Where? Nationwide
Why? Have you been into one? I'm not going to even bother answering my own question, they're just awesome and you need to get to one ASAP.

Where? Nationwide
Why? Because they're all over the place and seem to make great efforts to please their customers, even the annoying vegans, by labelling up their food with 'SUITABLE FOR VEGANS'. Ok, you can't find as much as you might like, but they also did pioneer labelling wines, which led many other retailers to follow, so they deserve recognition. Thanks Coop.

Sunny Foods
Where? Brighton
(76 Beaconsfield Rd, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 6DD, United Kingdom, Tel. 01273 507 879)
Why? The fact that this shop doesn't even seem to have a website is further proof of my point... it's so local it probably doesn't need one. It's been busy everytime I've been in there and is such a nice, friendly, welcoming little shop that I expect it is frequented by anyone remotely health conscious within the local area. It has a great selection, is well priced and has accomodating opening hours that mean even commuters can get back from London and down there before it shuts.

Where? Kings Cross, London
Why? Conveniently located in Central London, this little vegan haven means you can grab a vegan hot dog for lunch, some tofu and soya milk for the next mornings breakfast all in a lunch break. Oh and perhaps you've earned a cake for the journey!

Where? Shoreditch, London
Why? Expensive but huge and very well stocked for all dietary needs. It also means that should you wake up somewhere in East London after a particularly hard night of partying, you can drag yourself down there for a vegan muffin and a baby carton of Almond Milk. You can't do sweaty fry ups anymore remember?!

special mention to...
With branches in Northampton and Cambridge, if you ever find yourself out in those parts get to Daily Bread. God watches everything they do and I've heard he even blesses your shopping, so it's really worth a trip. Plus if you're Northampton at least, you're likely to go hungry if you don't, so it's your call. I'm just giving you the heads up!