Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Vegan March is over.

I didn't tell you but this was all in the name of art. I was doing a project that was largely based on observations of the animal within the human. So many have done it before, how could I possibly do anything new? Well, that was not my concern. My concern was how I could possibly truly observe the animal when the animal was still a part of my daily consumption. The only way I could think to do this was to stop, go vegan and instead be completely consumed by the challenge that was Vegan March.

It's been tough and I genuinely did not expect to end the month intending to be a full-time vegan. The things I've learnt about the meat industry, dairy farming, processed food etc etc mean that I feel as if I really have no choice. For as long as I live in a country where I have the luxury to make such choices, I  choose vegan.

To round up my month, I am going to do a few posts on my favourites finds of the month.

I also have more plans afoot, news to follow.